Bringing your own tackle?

Here are some thoughts about the fishing tackle we use and why we use it. We receive no endorsements from any manufacturers. What I include within these pages works day in and day out, no exceptions other than when the fish flat decide that they want a vacation and close their mouths to any offerings. With the exception of the silver salmon portion of our fishing season most of our current offshore fishing enthusiasts fish with conventional tackle. A few dabble at saltwater fly fishing...but it really boils down to success. You can fish a lot of hours with fly and not hook up. Each year we gain a little bit more knowledge with respect to catching halibut on fly. Lingcod are hard to find at depths accessible to the fly rod. Silvers offshore are easy targets sometimes, but kings continue to challenge us. If we can find them shallow we can occasionally hookup on fly tackle but not like with conventional jigging or trolling techniques. By the way, when I speak about saltwater flyfishing I am not talking about hooking your fly line to a downrigger. At that point you are trolling not flyfishing.

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