When it comes to fly tackle there are more choices and even more opinions as to what constitutes the right stuff than fisherman in Alaska. With that said I’m merely going to make some points as to what I’ve actually observed over the last quarter century.
I’ve seen fewer Sage fly rods break than any other manufacturers. Can you break a Sage, YES, especially travel rods if you don’t have the ferrules completely seated. Check them, often, no matter who the manufacturer. Loomis is another top quality rod as is Thomas & Thomas. Orvis equipment is okay, but no thanks, they have one of the weakest ferrules and are easier to break than any others, especially bank landing Silvers. There are lots of others out there but the above mentioned are the most common we encounter.
Remember, The angler is 95% of the root cause for a broken rod but, some rods are far less forgiving than others. I’ll take a Sage® for throwing heavy weighted flies into a stiff Alaska breeze day in and day out. They are superb casting machines.

When it comes to reels any fly reel with a decent drag system is a must for salmon fishing or any large gamefish. Take your pick there are lots out there. Again, you get what you pay for. I am very satisfied with my Ross reels.