Our philosophy is simple -  this is your journey. We are merely a portal to that journey. There are those who want to strictly fish, others view wildlife, maybe a kayak adventure. Or, maybe you want a little bit a everything that Kodiak Island has to offer.

Here is a short story of a Kodiak season, it starts in May although it never really ends because life is a circle and so are the seasons. Heck there are lots of things to do in the winter months of January, February and March. Emperor Geese and Steller’s Eiders winter here, a world class birding event. Tundra swans and countless species of waterfowl frequent the marshes. The boat may be tied up but that doesn’t mean we are. 

If there is snow on the ground there are wonderful cross-country skiing opportunities. Biggest trouble is that the snow never seems to last very long to plan on a skiing trip. The winter birding though is about as reliable as the wintertime  rain, wind, spits of snow and storms that blow through the North Pacific.